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Data protection

Process catalogue according to § 4 g of the German Federal Data Protection Act ("Bundesschutzgesetz - BDSG)

1. Name of the responsible body

Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V., German Branch

2. Management of the responsible body and Data Protection Leader:

Director and permanent representative of the branch: Yuji Suwa
Data Protection Officer of the branch: H. Gimm

3. Address of the responsible body

Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V.
German Branch
Mitsubishi-Electric-Platz 1
D-40882 Ratingen
Telephone +49 (2102) 486-0
Telefax +49 (2102) 486-1120

4. Purpose of data collection, data processing and use of data

The main purpose of the collection, processing and use of personal data is the completion of contracts with customers and suppliers. Secondary purposes are personnel administration, support for interested persons, marketing, sales and public relations.

5. Person groups concerned, data or data categories

5.1 Person groups

  • Job applicants, employees and former employees
  • Customers
  • Suppliers
  • Public authorities
  • Interested persons
  • Business partners

5.2 Data or data categories

  • Data of job applicants, employees and former employees (personal data for employees management, administration and salary accounting)
  • Data of customers (data concerning product deliveries, services rendered, contracts, contract fulfilment, addresses, customer support)
  • Data of interested persons (interest in products/services, addresses, support)
  • Data of suppliers (products, services, contracts, enquiries, data about accounting and performance)
  • Data of other business partners including agencies (data about addresses, contracts, accounting, and performance) as far as these data are necessary for the purposes mentioned in 4.

6. People and categories of people who might get the data

  • Public and private authorities, as far as higher-ranking statutory provisions exist (e.g. social insurance carriers, tax authorities, insurances, ...)
  • External contractors according to § 11 BDSG (service providers for data processing, agencies, credit inquiry agencies, banks, ...)
  • Other authorities which are necessary for the performance of the purposes mentioned in 4.
  • Internal departments which are necessary for the performance of the purposes mentioned in 4. (human resources, accounting, sales, marketing, ...)

7. Statutory periods for the deletion of data

The statutory duties and periods for the keeping of data are observed. In addition the following shall be valid: deletion of data regarding job applicants 6 months after the decision about non-employment, otherwise after expiry of the employment. Data of wages, salaries, customers, potential customers, suppliers and business partners after termination of the business relation: 10 years. Other data: 30 years. Furthermore, the data will be deleted when the purposes mentioned in 4. cease to exist.

8. Planned data transfer to third countries

Currently it is not planned to transfer data to third countries.

9. Access data / server log files when accessing this page

Mitsubishi Electric collects data on each access to the website (so called server log files). The access logs record: name of the Web page, file, date and time of the call, amount of data transferred, notification of successful download, browser type andversion, the operating system of the user, referrer URL (the previously visited page if accessed via a link) IP address and the requesting provider. Mitsubishi Electric uses this log data for statistical analysis for the purpose of the optimization of the website and security. However, Mitsubishi Electric reserves the right to review the log data in a particular cases, if there is reasonable suspicion of unlawful use based on specific indicators.

Version 2.1 as of 14.10.2014